Courage is getting up and doing

What your heart desires.

Courage is a fire that burns

Brightly in your eyes.

Courage is the power to stand up for

Yourself without help from others.

Have the courage of a Lion and Roar baby, Roar

Until you Soar into new heights.


Courage is loving yourself enough to

Know you deserve better.

Courage is knowing the risks but,

Doing it anyway.

Courage is remaining true to

Who you are and

What you believe in.

Courage is saying “I will survive”

Even with tears in your eyes.

Courage is keeping your eyes on the prize.

Courage is feeling in your soul

That you will rise.


Courage is hearing the sound of success in your ears.

Courage is trusting yourself and God

Knowing you’ll be guided through

No matter what you do.

Courage is what we all have within us

We must use it

For it is necessary like a shoe.

I carry my courage with pride.




Pain is Purposeful.

This is dedicated to anyone who is hurting, cries themselves to sleep, and suffers in silence.  I dedicate this to anyone who thinks they are a failure, has regrets, who is stuck and struggles to live on purpose.  To anyone who wonders why they were born, wishes they were dead, or hates anyone close to them.  If you are a person who questions “Is there really a God?” Know you are not alone and God loves you.

I wasn’t always a Christian.  I use to have everything I wanted.  Clothes, car, my own place to call home, cool job, popular friends, hot dates, a sweet savings account but, I got to a point where I felt like something was missing.  It was a gradual journey for me to become a Christian.  There were times when I wondered “Wow, how did I survive this? Omg, there must be a God. What a miracle” or that stranger came out of no where and helped me just at the right time”. A lot of unexplainable things would happen to me so in my quest for enlightenment, I would watch sermons online/tv or go to a local church and would feel different on the inside, a lot lighter and less burdened.  Each time I would learn more about the bible and be surrounded by Christians the more my faith grew.

The bible in Daniel chapter 3 discusses a small group of men going through a fiery furnace and coming out not even smelling like smoke which is truly amazing!  How on earth is that possible? There is a higher power who protects us yes even when we’re sinning, unbelievers it says so in the bible Romans chapter 5 verse 8.

My dear, no one’s life is perfect.  We may think Actors, Singers, Athletes, Politicians, or Popular people at school have the ideal life but it doesn’t exist.  Life is filled with good and bad experiences all of which we must choose to make us wiser, stronger, and resilient.  To have food, shelter, health and strength is a lot to be grateful.  There are many impoverished people across the world yet some of them look beyond their circumstances and hope for a better life.

I know we live in a culture that tells us we must have the finer things in life in order to be happy however, it is untrue.  Tangible items can be removed, or broken but faith is intangible can’t be removed and is unbreakable.

I have interviewed a few celebrities  and have learned they’re human, they’re flawed.  In fact, we are all flawed.  Some of the most successful people in the world have come from terrible childhoods and painful situations.  Yet somehow they made a decision to get up and fight for their lives and become successful.

Although some successful people are atheists there is a lesson we can learn.  You can turn your pain into purpose.  Don’t give pain any more power over you.  Choose life over death. Subtract suffering add success.

My prayer for you is that you give God permission to enter your life so he can cleanse and restore you. I pray you try talking to God, attend a local church, listen to Gospel music and continue to believe that the best is yet to come.  May God bless you and thank you for reading.

An Overcomers Anthem

I Am Destined For Success.

Day By Day I Strive To Be The Best.

One Look At Me & You Know I Passed The Test.

No One Can Stop Me Because I’m Relentless.

My Past No Longer Defines Me.

I’m a Diamond.



Day To Day I Keep Finding Dates & Times To Pray.

I Don’t Have Time For… 


Pity Parties.




I’m Humble.

I’m Calm.

I Love Peace.

Hey, This Is My Life. 

I Will Carefully Choose Who I Want To Be Around.

No Circumstance Can Break Me.

I’m Renewed.

I Have Tunnel Vision.

I’m Focused On The Finish Line.

Oh Yes, I Will Win.

I Can Overcome Anything.