Courage is getting up and doing

What your heart desires.

Courage is a fire that burns

Brightly in your eyes.

Courage is the power to stand up for

Yourself without help from others.

Have the courage of a Lion and Roar baby, Roar

Until you Soar into new heights.


Courage is loving yourself enough to

Know you deserve better.

Courage is knowing the risks but,

Doing it anyway.

Courage is remaining true to

Who you are and

What you believe in.

Courage is saying “I will survive”

Even with tears in your eyes.

Courage is keeping your eyes on the prize.

Courage is feeling in your soul

That you will rise.


Courage is hearing the sound of success in your ears.

Courage is trusting yourself and God

Knowing you’ll be guided through

No matter what you do.

Courage is what we all have within us

We must use it

For it is necessary like a shoe.

I carry my courage with pride.




Your Enemies Have No Power


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Enemies, well that’s one thing we all have in common no one leaves earth without ever having 1.

They may smile and tell you sweet lies or be bold and curse you to your face but, remember your enemies have no power.

What they fail to understand is the hatred they exhibit towards another is indeed a distraction from their own shortcomings.  Aww, how sad it is to know how bad some people are hurting.  Life is a luxurious experience worthy of enjoyment.

The bible in the book of 1 Samuel chapter 19 discusses Saul hating David to death.  He actually wanted to kill him but, after multiple attempts he didn’t succeed.  Oh no, God’s power intervened.  Saul, after sending many men to murder David ended up praying with him.  How cool is that?

You see when God blesses you no man woman or child can curse you.  Those haters confirm God’s call of assignment on your life,  God’s favour is upon you beloved.  Wipe away your tears.  Know the true enemy is the devil who is a liar, a robber and a murderer.  Don’t ever allow anyone to take your joy, your peace or your will to live a prosperous life.  God has all power and he will fight your battles for you.  Trust God.