Blinded by tears I have so many fears.

Time is not on my side No one understands.

Too ashamed to speak

I have no solid place to sleep

Drifting like a snowflake

Don’t know how much more I can take.

I’m so blind just can’t see a way out

Blinded by tears can’t move forward

There’s so much opposition from the enemy

All I want is to experience happiness

To see opportunities to rise above this.

God I hand over the steering wheel of my life to you

I don’t know what to do

You drive You park my life where you want it

Open up my eyes Lord

Show me a miracle.


Are You Sure You’re Ready to Start Anew?

New clothes, new shoes, new post code, new love, new career all of that sounds nice but, are you really ready for the new attitude, new routine, new thoughts that are necessary for the new beginnings?

Out with the old painful memories & in with new affirmations, new prayers, new positive hobbies.  Don’t worry about what others think of you. Do the unthinkable! No more complaining, self pity and bitterness.

Try happiness.  Choose to smile instead of sit in sorrow.  You only have 1 life to live and there’s no guarantee you’ll live tomorrow.