So You Want To Be A Model?

So you want to be a Model?

And pretend to be perfect.

A beautiful mannequin brought to life.

An object without a voice.

A toy with no spirit.

So you want to be a Model?

And be everyone’s fantasy.

To have the whole world envy you.

As you starve yourself.

And critique your every flaw.

So you want to be a Model?

To dream big and succeed.

To be larger than life.

Without truly experiencing life on your terms.

Doing whatever and whoever

It takes to get you to the top.

Portraying a character.

That is not really you.

So you want to be a Model?

In an unstable Industry.

Which eats you up,

Chews you and spits you out alive.

An industry where your friends

Stab you in the back

With a smile on their face.

So you want to be a Model?

Where one season,

One look, and one photo

Could change your life forever.

Where the photographers

Are voyeurs and perverts in disguise.

So you want to be a Model?

And be a puppet operated by strings.

Or do you want to accept yourself

Just the way you are?

Despite what others think.

Wake Up!

Use your mind first not your body.

You deserve to be authentically you.

Listen to your heart

Follow your intuition.

Set a trend don’t follow one.

Change the world one idea at a time.


Love is….

What is Love?

Why is Love so talked about?

Who needs Love?

How can Love be found?

When is a good time for Love?

Love is a transformative powerful emotion.

Love is addictive.

Everyone and everything needs Love in order to grow.

Love is all around us. Just use your 5 senses and discover Love.

Anytime is the right time for love.

Love is what changed my life for the better.  It has helped me have Faith others, myself, and God.

Love allowed me to open up and finally start this blog.

Love is what is missing in your life.