Life in London

London is a multi cultural city filled with historic statues such as Winston Churchill and Mary Seacole. Landmark buildings such as Westminister Abbey, London Bridge, The Shard and Buckingham Palace. London has great shopping markets, multi ethnic restaurants, and pubs.

Sports such as Cricket, Football (soccer) Rugby (similar to American Football) and Tennis in a town called Wimbledon which is just on the outskirts of London.

Fresh fried cod fish and thick cut fries sprinkled with vinegar and salt commonly called fish and chips. The tube which is the underground train, the black cab, the red two storey buses and the red telephone booth are what London is known for.

Londoners have various accents: Cockney and the Queen’s English. Cockney is what the average middle class people use. The singer Adele has a cockney accent, it’s very distinctive and kinda of rhymes. The Queen’s English is the accent of the affluent, highly educated, posh people such as the Prime Minister Teresa May or Prince Harry use.

Other cities in the United Kingdom such as Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool also have distinctive accents. The Irish, Scottish, and Welsh accents are very beautiful and it takes a person with an attentive ear to understand them. LOL:)

Now back to London, there is a lot of diversity here. There are highly saturated African, Caribbean, Indian, Asian, and Polish Communities. There are festivals such as the Notting Hill Carnival which is a Caribbean festival. I went last August OMG, the reggae music, spicy food, and floats were so cool. I’m really proud of my Caribbean heritage and to be born in London.

It is a privilege to be back after spending a lot of time in the U.S.A. If you ever get a moment to visit London be sure to say hello and make sure you bring an umbrella A.K.A brolly because it often rains here.



An Outrageous Ambassador


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Do you realise you impact your community, your colleagues, your family, your friends and the world?

Do you know your thoughts, ideas, behaviour, clothes, and body language have a ripple effect and influence the atmosphere?

Do you understand how special you are?

Yes, you honey are an Outrageous Ambassador!

You’re probably thinking “Who me?” or “No way” Yes, I’m talking to you, the one reading this blog.  Everything about you is distinctive and beautiful. You represent your gender, your race, your country, your school, your employer, your family, your neighbourhood. Your voice, your accent, your features, are like a thumbprint they identify you.  They are what make you memorable.

How do I know? Well, I’m talking from personal experience.  In London most people can tell I’m American from my southern little twang accent. Others can tell I have Caribbean heritage and some people know I’m a woman of faith without me ever mentioning religion.  At times it can be annoying or unfair to be type casted but, I am over it.  It is what is.  Somethings are not worth worrying about. 

Whenever you enter a room people sense your presence, your vibe, your essence. Whether you want to be an Ambassador or not is non-negotiable.  So, get over it and be the best spokesperson you can.  Represent yourself, your beliefs, and where you’re from with intense pride.  You are an Outrageous Ambassador. 


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