Mark Me Not

Who’s ready for the day when your employer tells you to take a microchip? How will you respond? What will you do when they insist it will be more convenient and simplify your life? No more identification badges or credit cards, all of your medical information will be stored on the microchip. What if your child’s school requests to microchip your child? Or if your spouse or loved one gets microchipped in ignorance?

Come on, let’s face it, a lot of our day to day items already contain a microchip such as our bank cards, bus/train cards, driver license cards, some passports, etc. This was all a warm up to get us acclimated to being microchipped. Pet owners microchip their dogs and cats to ensure they can locate them in case they get lost. Some people have already received the radio frequency identification (RFID) microchip in their hand just between the thumb and index finger, will you?

I recall first learning about the microchip by reading the book “Behold a Pale Horse” by Milton William Cooper. The ex U. S. Naval intelligence member reveals the government’s agenda to get everyone microchipped by any means necessary, but particularly through the use of a vaccine disguised as a measure to prevent a disease which was produced in the lab. The book was published in 1991 so the microchip idea was planned years ago!

The Bible in the book of Revelations also discusses the microchip, how it is the mark of the beast, a powerful anti christ leader. People won’t be able to buy or sell products and services without it. How are you supposed to eat if the grocery store will only accepts microchip payments? This is a serious thought to consider: If your life was on the line would you receive the microchip? My response is mark me not! I am a believer of Christ and I’d rather die than be microchipped.



We are all on a Quest.

A Quest for love.

A Quest for acceptance.

A Quest for status.

A Quest for validation.

Some people find love in the arms of a loved one

Or between the legs of a stranger.

Some people find love in a bottle of alcohol,

A plate of food,

Fast money,

Or smoking drugs.

Some people feel accepted when they belong

To a particular group, gang, or organization.

Some people feel validated by having

A luxury car,

Fancy degree,

Trophy wife,

Or expensive clothes.

Ignorance is bliss.

And a lack of knowledge

Leads to destruction.

Take time to learn,

Love and accept yourself

For who you are.

An individual, separate from the rest.


It is unnecessary to go on a Quest

For love from outside sources.

When you already possess it

Inside of you.

Go on a Quest to find yourself.

Fall in love with you!

Man alone



Courage is getting up and doing

What your heart desires.

Courage is a fire that burns

Brightly in your eyes.

Courage is the power to stand up for

Yourself without help from others.

Have the courage of a Lion and Roar baby, Roar

Until you Soar into new heights.


Courage is loving yourself enough to

Know you deserve better.

Courage is knowing the risks but,

Doing it anyway.

Courage is remaining true to

Who you are and

What you believe in.

Courage is saying “I will survive”

Even with tears in your eyes.

Courage is keeping your eyes on the prize.

Courage is feeling in your soul

That you will rise.


Courage is hearing the sound of success in your ears.

Courage is trusting yourself and God

Knowing you’ll be guided through

No matter what you do.

Courage is what we all have within us

We must use it

For it is necessary like a shoe.

I carry my courage with pride.



So You Want To Be A Model?

So you want to be a Model?

And pretend to be perfect.

A beautiful mannequin brought to life.

An object without a voice.

A toy with no spirit.

So you want to be a Model?

And be everyone’s fantasy.

To have the whole world envy you.

As you starve yourself.

And critique your every flaw.

So you want to be a Model?

To dream big and succeed.

To be larger than life.

Without truly experiencing life on your terms.

Doing whatever and whoever

It takes to get you to the top.

Portraying a character.

That is not really you.

So you want to be a Model?

In an unstable Industry.

Which eats you up,

Chews you and spits you out alive.

An industry where your friends

Stab you in the back

With a smile on their face.

So you want to be a Model?

Where one season,

One look, and one photo

Could change your life forever.

Where the photographers

Are voyeurs and perverts in disguise.

So you want to be a Model?

And be a puppet operated by strings.

Or do you want to accept yourself

Just the way you are?

Despite what others think.

Wake Up!

Use your mind first not your body.

You deserve to be authentically you.

Listen to your heart

Follow your intuition.

Set a trend don’t follow one.

Change the world one idea at a time.

Are You Tithing Into False Religions?


Once upon a time I used to go to the nail shop to get my nails done.  I tried a lot of different nail treatments such as: French Manicure, Natural Manicure, Shellac, Silk Wrap, Gel Nails, Pink and White Manicure and of course a pedicure.  I remember walking in the shop and smelling the awful chemicals and hearing the sound of the nail drills ugh.

The nail shop staff never welcomed me.  There was no warm welcome, no rapport building, no small talk just straight to business.  The typical greeting was “Hello, how can I help you?”  Then when you reply with what service you require they instruct you to pick a colour then demand you take a seat and wait or sit in a chair and have the service performed.  The nail technicians rarely sanitised their work station after their last client, nor wash their hands.   Sometimes the nail technicians nails weren’t short or well groomed! Oh my gosh why did I tolerate such unprofessionalism?  Was it so I could have nice nails? Some people get infections from going to the nail shops.

The customer service at the nail shops is horrendous.  They don’t offer you any beverages while you wait or even inform you of how long you will wait.  There is minimal eye contact.  Now, I understand English isn’t the nail shop staff’s first language and they have a limited vocabulary but, how on earth were they able to pass their beauty exams?  Doesn’t their beauty course teach them customer service?

I have decided to no longer go to East Asian nail shops that display shrines to Buddha and golden idols, many of them have flowers and food beside them and on open display. It freaks me out!  It’s not cool to spend my hard earned money tithing into a religion I don’t support and without my consent.  I prefer going to an English speaking nail shop or beauty spa where it is generally hygienic, safe, and my business is appreciated.

Do you think Christians should tithe into another religion by purchasing goods and services from an non christian business?

Psalm 40.4

When you don’t feel like it…..

When you dont feel like waking up

Do it anyway!

When you don’t feel like going to work

Do it anyway!

When you don’t feel like cooking dinner

Do it anyway!

When you don’t feel like talking to nobody

Do it anyway!

When you don’t feel like going to church

Do it anyway!

When you don’t feel like washing dishes

Do it anyway!

When you don’t feel like trying again

Do it anyway!

When you don’t feel like dressing up

Do it anyway!

The amount of time wasted complaining and pondering about whether or not you should complete a task is unproductive. Just get on with ot and do it anyway! Time is money honey.