Empathise With Others

2014-March-05-GTY_hugging_jtm_140305_16x9_992.jpgPhoto credit

Last night while out at a salsa club, I went to the bathroom and saw a woman crying.

“What is wrong?” I asked her. “Me and my boyfriend broke up.”

I wrapped my arms around her and consoled her as I was able to empathise with the pain of a breakup.

“Aw, I’m sorry to hear that”  I replied.

With tears rolling down her latina eyes, I listened to her attentively and I could literally feel her heart aching through my heart so, I felt it appropriate to share a little testimony of how God blessed me with a gentleman after a brutal break up. 

I assured her everything will be okay and one day she will realise the break up was a blessing.  We must realise the importance of connecting with others.  Sometimes we get so caught up in our routines and be antisocial but, we are human, we can feel and if we see someone in need it is good to be compassionate and empathise with them.



There’s a feeling of warmth that arises within us when we connect with ourselves, others, nature or God.  There’s also joy and a new sense of peace.

Often times what gets in the way of us connecting with others is our own cognitive distortions, our fear of being hurt or humiliated but, we must be able to surrender and trust in order to connect with others.


Life is so meaningful when you have someone to talk to, pray with, to share a meal with or a movie with. God has created us to connect with others so go on and try to connect.