The Beauty of Natural Hair.

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Oh how, I love being a woman.  Oh how I enjoy being a Christian woman. Oh how I am proud to be a woman of colour.  The joy, the mystery and our history is iconic.  From our various skin tones, wavy, curly hair and prominent, full features.  Often imitated, coveted, and admired.  We are a force to be reckoned with.

Ever since I was a little girl I would have braids. Perhaps it was because they are so much fun, exotic, and shorten your morning routine.  You can go in the hot tub or swimming pool and not fret about your hair style being ruined.  Braids allows your scalp to breath air  Your hair gets a break from heat styling products, it even grows healthier.

My favourite part of the braided hairstyle is the time spent with the hairstylist.  You gain the opportunity to learn more about your hair, the best hair products, catch up on fashion by reading their magazines as well as share each other’s hopes  dreams, sorrows, fears, and life lessons.  It’s a great opportunity to bond with a fellow woman.

We are colourful cuties, and we are best known for our hair.  From simple to elaborate, our hairstyles are show stopping, jaw dropping, trendy, and chic.  I’ve had many hairstyles but my favourite are braids.  Relaxers, wigs, ponytail extensions, glue and sewn in hair weaves, burgundy, copper blonde, warm brunette.  Omg, what fun it is to express yourself through your hair. There is also a peace of mind knowing I am displaying my authentic appearance to the world and not conforming to the majority.