No Romance Without Finance

Remember the Gwen Guthrie song? “Ain’t nothing going on but the rent. You have to have a J-O-B If you want to be with me”. “No Romance Without Finance”. Women enjoy being courted, wined and dined and showered with expensive gifts which is romantic but dating shouldn’t make a man bankrupt. Nor should dating involve sex in exchange for dinner, gifts, or money.

Many men are unable to date due to being unemployed or underemployed and many women are unwilling to date a man without a job, in between jobs, who wears non designer clothing, has children or lacks a formal education. This leaves many men and women single. It is always wise to carry money on a date just in case. Be responsible. It is not a man’s responsibility to take care of your debt or your bills especially in the beginning of a relationship. What are you contributing to the relationship?

A woman is supposed to be a blessing to a man and not a burden. I totally understand there are costs involved in preparing for a date such as hair, nails, makeup, new dress. Sadly, women still earn less than men so it can be a financial challenge to always contribute on a date, however God didn’t create women to be Gold Diggers.

This is what God said in the bible in Genesis 2:18 “It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper suitable for him.” See a woman’s purpose is to be a helper. Through words of encouragement, prayer, and emotional support we can help a man in various ways. We can uplift a man’s spirit and help him to avoid mistakes. Today’s modern woman should aspire to be a Proverbs 31 woman of virtue who works hard and is a blessing to her husband.

Esther, an orphan, Jewish woman in the bible was fortunate that God blessed her with a husband, King Xerxes. Esther had plenty of competition from other women to be the next Queen but, God’s favour was on her. God ordered Queen Esther to reveal to King Xerxes she was a Jew in order to save her people from genocide. Esther wept at her husband’s feet not to kill her family member Mordecai and the Jews. “For how can I endure the murdering and slaughter of my people” – Esther 8:6. Esther prayed, fasted, and prepared a feast for the King and as a result he didn’t kill the Jews. So in this story we understand the importance of trusting God to bless us with the right partner, to lovingly help our partner, to pray and obey God.

We are created to love one another. To live a life without someone to love is not living, it is existing. We all have love in our hearts to give. Life has more meaning when we’re in love. Scientists have proven that love changes our brain chemistry. You can usually tell when a family member or friend has a new love interest in their life. They have a glow and are smiling from ear to ear with happiness.


Dating someone for money reveals your superficiality. You sabotage your chances of finding true love when you put a price tag on it. Money can’t hold you tight at night or comfort you when you’re sick. Money can make anyone look desirable and lure you into a relationship, but after the money is gone then what do you have left if there is no one to love? Loving a pet or child is no substitute for loving a spouse.

With economic inflation, and companies laying people off, Ladies we need to understand that many men are unemployed or underemployed. We don’t want to miss out on a good man. Getting to know someone and building a relationship is done by spending quality time it’s not all about going on expensive dates, and buying gifts. You can go to church, a museum, gym, park, watch the stars, watch a sunset, cook a meal or volunteer at an event together.

Allow love to develop and grow. Ladies, I urge you to get to know a man. Don’t let his job, income, car or the his shoes influence your decision. No romance without finance means the success of the relationship is doomed. Money can’t buy love. Somethings are not for sale.

The conversation you need to have with your partner regarding money is a case-by-case basis. There is no hard rule for how much a man and woman should contribute when paying for things. The most important thing to do is communicate – talk to your partner or the person you are dating and come to a compromise. If they are special to you, you should never let money get in the way of a good relationship.

Beloved this is my prayer for you:

Dear Lord Heavenly Father thank you for providing a suitable partner for me. As I patiently wait, please prepare me for marriage. Through the blood of Jesus cleanse me and make me whole. May I be receptive to love and be loving towards others. Open up my eyes Lord to see the right partner whom you have chosen for me. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen



Lights, camera, action! It was the 26-28 of August 2017 on a sizzling hot summer day in London where bare chested men and women in bikini’s showed off their Caribbean flags and wined their waists at the Nottinghill Carnival which begun in 1966.

People from various nationalities visited London. Floats, whistles, face painting, rum punch, jerk chicken, reggae music, soca music, and heavy smoke filled the air. The performers danced and showed off their elaborate feather costumes to the crowd. Some peformers took pictures with the audience while other performers danced with the audience.

The police attended the carnival due to safety concerns as there have been violent attacks in recent years. Lots of drugs and weapons were seized however some people were still hurt and people were smoking so, I wouldn’t recommend bringing babies or children to this event even though some were present.

Portable toilets were scattered around the huge carnival area. Some residents and local restaurants charged £2.00 to use the toilet while others used the toilet publicly. The carnival honoured Grenfell tower victim’s as 80 people died a few months ago in an apartment fire. All in all the Nottinghill Carnival is worth experiencing at least once so please be sure to put it on your bucket list. Lol😀

The Fringe Festival

The Fringe Festival in Edinburgh is where Theatre, Comedy, Spoken Word, Music, Burlesque, Magic Shows, Street Performances and late night partying rules! The ‘worlds largest Arts Festival’ is held from 4-27th of August.

I attended the 70th Annual Fringe Festival out of curiosity where my friends and I attended the free events and provided donations to the performers. There are also paid events. The comedy shows were quite vulgar yet at times funny. Oh my gosh, there were so many restaurants, pubs, and bars to choose from.

Edinburgh Fringe

I also noticed there were children’s shows. It always fascinates me to see red head children or a family with natural red hair as I’m not used to seeing it growing up in America. Red haired people are usually referred to as Ginger not red heads as Americans like to call them.

People from all over the world visit Scotland’s capital city, Edinburgh. The historic architecture was quite dark almost had a medieval vibe. The Scottish breakfast includes: Eggs, Bacon, Sausage, Toast, Baked Beans and Haggis (Sheep lungs, heart, & liver), as well as the accent, currency, Shortbread, Kilts, Bagpipes, Scotch Whisky and Harry Potter Tours are what the Scots are well known for. There is so much to Scotland, it is truly worth visiting. For More Details About The Fringe Festival please visit:


Mountain Moving Faith

When Jesus’ disciples asked him why they were unable to perform the same healing miracle as he did on the little boy Jesus replied “…Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.  However, this kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting.” Matthew 17:20-21

Regardless of the size of your faith know it has the ability to change your situation.  Allow your faith to continually grow.   No matter if you’re prayers go unanswered you must hold on to your faith!  Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

You may think no one understands or that no one cares, but God does.  We serve a merciful and powerful God.  You are stronger than you realize.  God doesn’t put more on us than we can bear.  Remember, it’s always darkest before the dawn.  Hebrews 11:1  reads “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”


Blinded by tears I have so many fears.

Time is not on my side No one understands.

Too ashamed to speak

I have no solid place to sleep

Drifting like a snowflake

Don’t know how much more I can take.

I’m so blind just can’t see a way out

Blinded by tears can’t move forward

There’s so much opposition from the enemy

All I want is to experience happiness

To see opportunities to rise above this.

God I hand over the steering wheel of my life to you

I don’t know what to do

You drive You park my life where you want it

Open up my eyes Lord

Show me a miracle.

Life in London

London is a multi cultural city filled with historic statues such as Winston Churchill and Mary Seacole. Landmark buildings such as Westminister Abbey, London Bridge, The Shard and Buckingham Palace. London has great shopping markets, multi ethnic restaurants, and pubs.

Sports such as Cricket, Football (soccer) Rugby (similar to American Football) and Tennis in a town called Wimbledon which is just on the outskirts of London.

Fresh fried cod fish and thick cut fries sprinkled with vinegar and salt commonly called fish and chips. The tube which is the underground train, the black cab, the red two storey buses and the red telephone booth are what London is known for.

Londoners have various accents: Cockney and the Queen’s English. Cockney is what the average middle class people use. The singer Adele has a cockney accent, it’s very distinctive and kinda of rhymes. The Queen’s English is the accent of the affluent, highly educated, posh people such as the Prime Minister Teresa May or Prince Harry use.

Other cities in the United Kingdom such as Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool also have distinctive accents. The Irish, Scottish, and Welsh accents are very beautiful and it takes a person with an attentive ear to understand them. LOL:)

Now back to London, there is a lot of diversity here. There are highly saturated African, Caribbean, Indian, Asian, and Polish Communities. There are festivals such as the Notting Hill Carnival which is a Caribbean festival. I went last August OMG, the reggae music, spicy food, and floats were so cool. I’m really proud of my Caribbean heritage and to be born in London.

It is a privilege to be back after spending a lot of time in the U.S.A. If you ever get a moment to visit London be sure to say hello and make sure you bring an umbrella A.K.A brolly because it often rains here.


Mark Me Not

Who’s ready for the day when your employer tells you to take a microchip? How will you respond? What will you do when they insist it will be more convenient and simplify your life? No more identification badges or credit cards, all of your medical information will be stored on the microchip. What if your child’s school requests to microchip your child? Or if your spouse or loved one gets microchipped in ignorance?

Come on, let’s face it, a lot of our day to day items already contain a microchip such as our bank cards, bus/train cards, driver license cards, some passports, etc. This was all a warm up to get us acclimated to being microchipped. Pet owners microchip their dogs and cats to ensure they can locate them in case they get lost. Some people have already received the radio frequency identification (RFID) microchip in their hand just between the thumb and index finger, will you?

I recall first learning about the microchip by reading the book “Behold a Pale Horse” by Milton William Cooper. The ex U. S. Naval intelligence member reveals the government’s agenda to get everyone microchipped by any means necessary, but particularly through the use of a vaccine disguised as a measure to prevent a disease which was produced in the lab. The book was published in 1991 so the microchip idea was planned years ago!

The Bible in the book of Revelations also discusses the microchip, how it is the mark of the beast, a powerful anti christ leader. People won’t be able to buy or sell products and services without it. How are you supposed to eat if the grocery store will only accepts microchip payments? This is a serious thought to consider: If your life was on the line would you receive the microchip? My response is mark me not! I am a believer of Christ and I’d rather die than be microchipped.